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Watermelon pods

I can’t really review them if they haven’t even shipped out of China yet. I understand COVID-19 is happening at the moment but I don’t think that should affect shipments...

Dear Conner, Thank you for your patience with the shipment, we understand it's taking longer than expected. Your package is in transit, shown in image sent to your email, we will have further information from USPS when they pick it up and update the online tracking. We wish the shipment wouldn't be affected by the COVID-19 as much as you do, however, with the global outbreak like this, it went beyond our prayer. Just hope we can beat this thing soon and things can get back to normal ASAP. Pls stay safe!
Vape on during social distancing

Stocking up on my flavors and they just arrive, with the social distancing coming, I'm not so worried coz I have something to rely on at least. Everybody, stay safe and vape on, we have to be opitimistic at a time like this. God bless us!!

My flavors are here, so glad!!

Under the extreme timing, I still receive my flavors as usual, thank you so much for handling my order so quickly. And thank you for your concern as well, yeah, sure, will check out your face mask when they are ready too. You guys are wonderful!!

Love love love iced watermelon

Flavor is the best watermelon flavor I have tasted.
Great flavor hit of watermelon with the a nice cooling. Cooling isn't over powering. I love this flavor. Taste very similar to watermelon sweets. ♡♡

A trustworthy vape company online

Among all the flaovrs I ordered last time, it helped me rule out watermalon is not for me at the moment, so far so good, nothing major to compain about. I will just stick to my flavors and make it regular until it helps me kick the habit. I love their personalisam of handling business, and they do care about their customers. Will continue to support you guys. Waiting for my new order to arrive, lol.

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