Is GMK Vape device safe? Does it contain formaldehyde?
GMK Vape device is in compliance with the EU formaldehyde testing requirements for e-cigarettes, and does not contain heavy metals, bacterial or fungal toxins. GMK Vape device is also in compliance with the Chinese national safety standards for e-liquid, electronic products, and is safe to use. All testing and analysis were conducted by Tong Ce Testing (TCT), an independent testing laboratory, the testing results of which are recognized by over 70 signatory countries of the International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation (ILAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangement. A bit about formaldehyde: according to the Chinese national indoor air quality standard, the formaldehyde content must be less than 0.08 milligram in every cubic meter of air. In this regard, inhaling 6 GMK Pods in one sitting is approximately equivalent to breathing a cubic meter of air in an indoor setting.
(E-Cigarettes: An Evidence Update - A report commissioned by Public Health England: )
Does GMK Pod Vape produce secondhand smoke?
GMK Pod Vape does not combust, nor does it leave ashes, residual smells or produce secondhand smoke.
Can I take GMK Pod Vape with me on an airplane?
Typically, yes.But, when flying, the change in air pressure at high altitudes may lead to minor leaks. Therefore, it is suggested that GMK Pod Vape be packed separately from other valuables. Although vaporizers can be brought onto airplanes, please note that you should not use them!

Product Information

How long does a pod last?
Each pod carries e-liquid enough to last around 600 pulls. How fast or how slow you finish each pod is based entirely on your daily smoking habits and how much vapor you take in with each drag. Compared to the average lit cigarette (8-10 pulls), you're definitely coming out on top!
How long can the device last?
Our vape kits are made to last! Hardy and durable, a GMK device used normally and safely need only be replaced when the standard service life of the batteries begins to deteriorate, which usually takes around 2-3 years.
Compared with cigarettes, which can do more harm?
Most of the recent studies documenting the short-term effects of e-cigarette consumption conclude that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes and reduce the impact of second-hand smoke by up to 95%. This helps bring down health risks not only for you but for the people around you as well!
Can I use it to quit smoking or replace cigarette usage?
All our of e-liquids are crafted and blended carefully by our chemists in order to create an authentic experience with a fresh twist. The main component of GMK’s e-liquids is plant glycerol - a mildly sweet substance that is far less carcinogenic than tar and other chemicals and byproducts often found in regular cigarettes. There may be an initial adjustment period where your palate adjusts to the mild taste, but rest assured that it's far from unpleasant.
Nicotine level?
Currently, we offer pods at two levels of nicotine concentrations -5% and 2%. As a company geared towards helping people the world over transition to healthier alternatives, we support customers who are keen on decreasing their nicotine intake. Since nicotine is a stimulant that triggers the brain’s reward circuitry, it is completely normal for consumers accustomed to a higher concentration to initially find the use of lower-percentage nicotine pods less pleasurable.
All GMK pod formulations utilize pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol to stabilize the plant glycerin and tobacco oil emulsion. GMK’s propylene glycol suppliers meet the US Pharmacopeia's specifications and standards, ensuring consumer safety. Furthermore, our e-liquid delivers nicotine without the usual host of additives, chemicals, and toxins found in regular cigarettes, thereby greatly reducing the health risks posed by traditional tobacco products.
What are included in the Starter Kit?
Each starter kit comes with one GMK vape device in the color of your choice, one mint e-liquid pod, oneType-C charging cable, and an user manual.

Ordering & Shipping

Can I redirect my order to a different address if my order has already shipped?
Sorry, we can only provide shipping to the original destination specified in the order details.
Do I need to pay customs or import charges for my order?
In most instances, customs fees are already paid for by us. If you encounter a situation where you are asked to pay additional fees, we strongly advise that you appeal the dues with your region’s import bureau. If you have already paid, please keep the invoice or evidence of payment and contact GMK’s customer support (via IM on the main website at , or at as soon as possible.
What should I do if I receive wrong items or if any of my ordered items are missing?
In the event that there’s an issue with your order contents (whether wrong or missing items), please contact GMK’s customer support (via IM on the main website at, or at ASAP with photo evidence to back up your claim, and we will process it at the earliest.
What should I do if my tracking has not been updated for an extended period of time?
If you’ve been checking the tracking system for over 15 days without any updates, please contact us via
What should I do if my parcel was damaged upon delivery?
If the damage to the parcel affected the contents inside, please take adequate photo evidence and send it to us (via IM on the main website at, or at at the earliest.
How do I track my order?
You can track your order via
Why is my shipping fee more expensive compared to others?
The shipping fee is not a universally-flat fee - it is charged depending on the distance from the nearest warehouse and the delivery type, with faster deliveries and longer distances resulting in a proportionately higher fee. Despite this, we always strive to provide you with the lowest possible delivery fees!
Where will the order shipped from?
Depending on your location and the availability of the item, your products may be shipped from Europe, Hong Kong, or other regions around the world.
When will I receive my order?
Please expect to receive your order within 20 days for global deliveries, and 5-7 days within the US.
What shipping methods do you offer?
Currently, we use *** to fulfil our global orders, and are in the process of adding other shipping services and logistics partners to speed up the average global delivery times.
Why are prices different in different countries?
Item prices vary according to operating costs, local taxation policies and rates, and other factors. Rest assured that whatever price you see is the lowest possible feasible price set for each market.
How do I change my shipping method after placing an order?
Unfortunately, that is not possible, so we urge you to double-check your delivery details before you place the order.
What should I do if my parcel is lost?
In a situation where you have not received your order within 25 days of purchase, please contact us (via IM on the main website at, or at ) and send us your order number along with your concerns.
How do I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order only before it has been processed for shipping; if your order has already been shipped, please contact us at the earliest to notify of the reasons for cancellation.


How does the GMK referral program work?
Register in seconds via to get your custom link and start conversations about GMK and your experience with our products. For each first purchase above $30 made using your link, you get $15 deposited automatically in your referral account.
Why can't I see the referral reward updated in my account?
Please allow the system up to 7 days to update you rewards after each successful transaction. Once the rewards have been updated, you should be able to receive an email informing you of the same.
What if there is still no rewards update after 7 days?
To avoid such a situation, always ensure that your friends successfully place an order using your link or code. If the issue occurs despite this, please email us at with 'Referral Rewards Update Failure' in the email subject, and your referral account details.

Payment & Security

What payment methods do you accept?
For now, we accept PayPal, as well as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. If you don’t have access to any of the above and want to set up a PayPal account, you can easily set one up within a minute for your country of residence by looking up It’s way easier than it looks!
What do I do when my online transaction fails?
Although this is a very rare situation, you can refresh the page and try to pay again; in any event, if your account is accidentally credited twice, you can easily reach out to the team and they will refund the duplicate order payment via the original payment method. If you continue to have transaction problems, please contact us with the error message details.
Can I use my credit card to make a payment?
Yes, you can! We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.
What should I do if I get a payment error?
Please contact us immediately through our customer care channels (via IM on the main website at, or at ).
Can I use my credit card to make a payment?
Yes, you can! We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.
Does GMK collect and store my payment details?
We do not collect or store any of your payment details. Since all payments and payment processes are handled directly by PayPal, internationally-renowned payment service, we zero access to your personal payment information. Once you reach the final stage of the checkout process, you will be taken directly to PayPal.”

Warranty & Repair

I’m due for a refund, how long until I receive it?
All refunds are processed within a 15-day period.
Do I need to pay for the shipping fee when returning a product for repair or replacement?
In the event that you need to return a product for repair or replacement (as covered by the limited product warranty), simply print the waybill code provided to you by the customer service team to avoid having to pay any shipping fees. If you wish to return or request replacement for reasons outside of those covered by the warranty, you will be responsible for paying the shipping fees. Please ensure you pay the exact postage amount, failing which your package will either be rejected or sent back to you; GMK is not responsible for unpaid packages upon their arrival.
My device is malfunctioning; how do I get it repaired?
Please contact us through our customer care channels (via IM on the main website at, or at ) with details about the issue and photos/videos of the malfunction.
What should I do if I received a broken product?
First off, we’d like to apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience. To get a product replacement, we encourage you to send 1. Clear and adequate photographic proof of the damage and the parcel 2. Send the pictures along with your order number to at the earliest Once we receive your information, our agents will conduct all further processes on your behalf on a priority basis.
What's the process for return and replacement?
If you are not satisfied with your products for any reason, you may request a return within 60 calendar days of the date of the order’s dispatch. To do so, please submit a claim requesting a replacement. Once your package has been received and verified against the warranty, we will issue a full refund or a replacement for the eligible products. Please note that all accessories must be new and unopened to be eligible for refunds. To qualify for a replacement or refund, devices must be in an unused condition and, if possible, with the original sealed packaging intact. Accessories must be sealed in their original packaging. If an accessory is returned without cause, GMK reserves the right to deduct the shipping fee from the refund amount.


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