Our Story


According to Public Health England and multiple existing findings and studies, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes. In the GMK founder’s team, there are heavy smokers with years of smoking history and not-once smokers. Despite that difference, sharing the same concern about the dangers of smoking, not only to the smoker themselves, but also to the non-smokers around them, especially to the minors, is what brings them together. They decided to take actions against the current situation, and the best way to change that is to provide a much healthier, yet still stylish alternative to smoking. There are a great many like-minded top scientists, renowned designers, prestigious engineers, professional supply chains and business operation teams in the industry are our powerful allies to contribute to the same goal.  



What Does Our Brand GMK Stand For?

Be A Geek in the Vaping Industry 

We believe a good product speaks for itself, and devotion to the product-making  is definitely our major goal. Served over 2 decades on electronic consumers industry, our founders understand that perfectly. 

Embrace with the Modern Lifestyle--Vape 

Vaping is an attitude, a new trend. And we aim to enjoy the journey with every one of our customers through our products.

Stay Up-To-Date and Be (K)Creative  

We understand your requirements better to cater to your needs, making all our current and future customers happy and satisfied. And we are not afraid to be creative in that matters. 


Brand Vision:

Make Everyday World No Tobacco Day

Brand Mission: 

Help over a billion former smokers worldwide make the switch and provide dedicated vapors with more satisfying and custom user experience. 

Brand Values: 

Customers First / Embrace The Change / Passion / Dedication  




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