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My flavors are here, so glad!!

Under the extreme timing, I still receive my flavors as usual, thank you so much for handling my order so quickly. And thank you for your concern as well, yeah, sure, will check out your face mask when they are ready too. You guys are wonderful!!

A new vapor

I'm new to vaping, sick of smoking and the harm it's done to me. Discover GMK since they are on free trial program, but now I'm more on the 5% instead of 2%, but I'm sure I will go slowly down to 2% givien it some time. And I really like their 5% mango and tobacco flavors.

A trustworthy vape company online

Among all the flaovrs I ordered last time, it helped me rule out watermalon is not for me at the moment, so far so good, nothing major to compain about. I will just stick to my flavors and make it regular until it helps me kick the habit. I love their personalisam of handling business, and they do care about their customers. Will continue to support you guys. Waiting for my new order to arrive, lol.

Believe me, you should try them out

Now I'm kinda mixed up between 2% and 5% nicotine, not too much choice on 5%, but I do love the tobacco and mango flavors, for the former really tastes like the real thing except it's reducing the harm while you are consuming it. For 2% nicotine, mint is truly as refreshing as advertised. Lemon is not so bad itself too. I'm really glad I tried, if you are looking for quiting, you should try.

Love the ease of use and great flavors

I'm trying to quit smoking, and I love the ease of use and convenience of the prefilled pods and disposable vapes. Tried several flavors, and mango, mint, lemon, latte are my favoriates so far, the others are also nice, not bad, just need to highlight my favoriate though, lol. I realy like the healthy alert funtion, it vibrate when you take 15 puffs within 5 minutes, it helps you keep track of your intake and get things under control. Definitely would recommend!!

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