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Customer Reviews

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Keep up the good work!!

Couldn't really decide on which color so now I end up with blue and coffee gold. And I've found a few nice flavors for me. I hope they can release more flavors. Keep up the good work!!

Believe me, you should try them out

Now I'm kinda mixed up between 2% and 5% nicotine, not too much choice on 5%, but I do love the tobacco and mango flavors, for the former really tastes like the real thing except it's reducing the harm while you are consuming it. For 2% nicotine, mint is truly as refreshing as advertised. Lemon is not so bad itself too. I'm really glad I tried, if you are looking for quiting, you should try.

Love the ease of use and great flavors

I'm trying to quit smoking, and I love the ease of use and convenience of the prefilled pods and disposable vapes. Tried several flavors, and mango, mint, lemon, latte are my favoriates so far, the others are also nice, not bad, just need to highlight my favoriate though, lol. I realy like the healthy alert funtion, it vibrate when you take 15 puffs within 5 minutes, it helps you keep track of your intake and get things under control. Definitely would recommend!!

Very professional!!

A friend of mine told me that many stores in China are still closed because of the coronavirus, and I got updates from GMK on a regular basic about the situation and when my order could be shipped, and finally today, I got the shippment notification. Bravo!! They are handling their business very professionally, can't wait to get my hands on the starter kit and all the flavor pods that I pick up. Thank you so much, GMK, pls stay safe!!

Excellent customer service

Good products+good customer service are the most important factors for me, and I think you guys keep me a happy customers on my previous orders with goood price also, hope things can continue this way so I don't need to find a new supplier.

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