OS / Drivers Update

(Important Note: Make sure all your important files are backed up before updating the OS/ Driver/ BIOS and follow the instructions beow): 


NucBox or NucBox S latest BIOS that supports WIN 11----J4125 Processor Only:


NucBox2 Intel Core i5 8279U 4K Mini PC---WIN 11 Upgradable, no BIOS update needed


NucBox S (Intel Cerelon J4125 CPU) Bios optimization and upgrade

Problems that may occur when updating the BIOS


NucBox OS Files & Instructions--J4125 Processor Only



NucBox Driver----J4125 Processor Only


 NucBox Sound Driver(Realtek(R) version)----J4125 Processor Only

 NucBox Sound Driver(8316 version)----J4125 Processor Only


NucBox2 OS Files & Instructions--Intel Core i5 8279u Processor Only




NucBox2 Driver--Intel Core i5 8279u Processor Only



How to update Driver?


How to do the Recovery Reset? Follow the below instruction: