NucBox S 4K Mini PC--Intel-powered Pocket-sized Windows 10 Mini PC


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Product Description

8GB + 512GB SSD High-Speed Storage

Advanced 4K UHD Video Playback

Connect NucBox To

NucBox OS + VESA Support

With windows 10 home pre-installed, just enjoy the fun and work efficiency out of the box.

**A variety of Ubuntu and Linux versions are in the market and more will come up, it will be impossible for our mini pc to match each and every one of them, so please note: Do not install ubuntu and Linux systems unless absolutely necessary.

**VESA bracket purchased separately. 


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NucBox S 4K Mini PC FAQs:

Q: Can NucBox S support Win 11?
A: Yes, when it has the latest BIOS version, it comes with tpm 2.0.

Q: Where can I find the latest BIOS version?
A: Please reach out to our support center via email at

Q. Does this have Windows 10 installed as its operating system?
A: Yes, it's Windows 10 Home version.

Q: Can it run on Linux/Ubuntu?
A: Yes, it supports multiple systems.

Q: Can I add memory to it?
A: Yes, you can expand the memory with a TF card easily, up to 128GB.

Q: How many displays does it support?
A: 3, according to

Q: Does it support 4K video output?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Will it lag when playing YouTube video at 4K?
A: It's recommended that customers should use the previous version of the Microsoft Edge browser, which will enhance the stability.

Q: Can I mount the mini pc on the back of my monitor?
A: Yes, it comes with mounting screws holes ready, though the VESA bracket needs to be purchased separately.

Q: Where will my order be shipped out?
A: Currently, we ship out orders from the US, JP, and China. If you are located in the US or JP, we will ship from the nearby warehouse when our stocks are enough to handle the demands.

Q: How long will my order arrive?
A: Pls refer to the detailed description here:

Q: How long does the warranty cover?
A: We offer a 12-month warranty on all our devices.
Pls refer to the detailed description here:

Q: What's your return/exchange policy?
A: We offer a 7-day return on all our devices.
Pls refer to the detailed description here:

Q: How can I use these Mini PCs/ Xpanel 4K/FHD monitors?
A: We've gathered some of the media reviews, for your reference,

Q: Can I purchase another set of power supplies, just in case?
A: Of course. You can find it here:
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